Almost done! Report in with vindication.

The code below is supposed to clean a string of all non-numeric characters, and then order them descending. However it seems to turn out the wrong result!

Current Output:

Original String: T5GJ2EyQYXuCX7hgEqMuW9Yg40Rmp8Y2dCjhc6dR
Sanitized String: TGJEyQYXuCXhgEqMuWYgRmpYdCjhcdR

Can you figure out whats wrong? If you do, put the re-vamped line of code in the text box below and hit submit.

Good luck cheating on this one. The backend is completely unreadable! *evil laughter*

static void Main(string[] args) { string ASetOfCharacters = GenerateString(40); //Generates string of random letters and numbers 40 characters long Console.WriteLine("Original String: " + ASetOfCharacters); //Remove Non-Numeric Characters ASetOfCharacters = Regex.Replace(ASetOfCharacters, "[0-9]", ""); Console.WriteLine("Sanitized String: " + ASetOfCharacters); //Now separate the numbers into individual items in an array int[] IndividualNumbers = new int[ASetOfCharacters.Count()]; for(int i = 0; i < ASetOfCharacters.Count(); i++) { IndividualNumbers[i] = (int)char.GetNumericValue(ASetOfCharacters[i]); } //Finally, sort the numbers by descending value IndividualNumbers = IndividualNumbers.OrderByDescending(item => item).ToArray(); foreach(int a in IndividualNumbers) { Console.Write(a + ","); } Console.WriteLine("END"); Console.ReadLine(); }